Poem of The Week #8: Sincerely Yours


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Poem of The Week #8: Sincerely Yours


When I first saw you
My whole sins was lie down on my toe
You came to me and take my little hope too
Then go away, move forward more than I do

Well, I try to catch you
While you take my whole happiness
And all of my sadness too
I still standing on my own, and wishes
A better thing will replace it all
And the things that belongs to me at all

My life was so tangled
Till I got you
Revamp my whole patterns

You know now, you are
The best thing I’ve ever got
This is not a hypocrite
You make me fell so unshaken

I will keep you on my hug
Until you give me everything you have

Then I’ll follow you or
You take me wherever you go

Sincerely yours

Makassar, 12 Mei 2019

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