Poem of The Week #16: This is The Real of "Us"


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Poem of The Week #16: This is The Real of "Us"

This is The Real of "Us"?

People are scare, and yet to be dare
Still try? I guess
to put a lot of guts
In a pocket of fear?

Ambulances are too busy, just like a rhythm of the melody
And yet your faces become so much happy, for the reason of  “You still don’t have any”
Thanks for our presences, they are wacky, and now then, we look so tiny
Against the Impudances of Coronavirus, that turns the whole things, becomes so crazy

This is not us
Human can’t act like this too much

How can I get warm, when we still on “Social Distancing”
Loving, and caring, cant be representing anymore, with the emotion of hugging
People are dying, and soon it turns into, the medical workers too
Thousands of lives, just fly away, and the virus still stay, even on May

Economics are fall, as damaged as human at all
Can we see how poisonic Coronavirus is?
When people are more toxic with their ego-ism and bunch of self-ish?
Human kills human, then virus helps them, and yet to be ban

Or maybe this is the real of “Us”
And God has to known
People hates each other
Yet before their kills each other

Kendari, 5 April 2020

Keyword: Indonesia Poem, Puisi Diksi Sulawesi, Puisi Dari Sulawesi

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