Poem of The Week #18: Shifty-Blue


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Poem of The Week #18: Shifty-Blue

A Shifty-Blue

I rather rely on you
Instead of denying your truth
Now, you agitate me so tight
Without any piece of light

I just can't understand
Why am I still standing? on your strand of lies?
While you keep pretending, affirm me on my demand
But, should we use word "end"? Instead of just being friend?

I got your whole message, that sounds like a massacre to me
So quite, secretly tell me to quit
Fun it is, cruel it is

Maybe I should've known, right before I've been thrown, by you, my lovely a shifty-blue?
Then you can throw me without leaving a wound, after creating a boundary, between the blue and the ground

Don't you even know?
It's a long-way run for me, of the thing you have been manure?
So may I call you "shifty" to make it sure?

I know I am a bit dumb
And has being dump, by you
My lovely shifty-blue?

Kendari, 23 Januari 2021

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